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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Transferred to Kadoma!

(I love this little boy.  I will really miss him.)

What a week! This last transfer flew by, it's crazy how fast my mission is moving now! We had two more baptisms this past week, which was awesome! The work is really progressing in Entumbane and I am going to miss it! I was transferred to Kadoma! It's about 4 hours away from Bulawayo, more towards Harare. It is much smaller then Bulawayo, and the people here speak Shona, not Ndebele, so Ii feel super lost already! Almost feels like I am starting my mission all over again, in a completely new place.

My companion is Elder Mayatt, he also just happened to be Elder Bollingers companion last transfer. We are white washing the area, meaning 2 missionaries are brought in, so we are both new to the area. I know no missionaries in my zone at all, which is why it feels like a different mission! Different language, different people, different companion, like a different mission! It will be nice though I think, the members of my district are awesome, I just have to re-adjust again! It shouldn't take too long though! Apparently my house in Kadoma is really nice! Well, Zimbabwe nice you could say. And there is a gym right next door so I am gonna try to go work out every day!

 The mission has been getting on us like crazy about having a 72 hour kit, meaning enough food in the house to last us 3 days without leaving! I don't know why, but they are getting very strict about it!

We ate at a place in Bualwayo, before I left which was just like an American fast food place. Now it doesn't taste anything like American fast food, but it looked the same!

 The most american restaurant in Bulawayo, Chicken Inn.

I dont have much time to email this week, so that is why I am so short! Next week should be better and be much longer! Elder Cazier

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