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Monday, February 6, 2017

The Last Two Weeks Have Been Busy!

The fun things that have happened the past couple weeks... I was eating an apple in the area and I had eaten it to the core and a 4 year old kid came up and put his hand out so I gave it to him and he ate the rest, core, seeds and all! 

I gave 5 kids the new Hot Wheels cars mom sent, and now I can't go anywhere without kids begging me for "toy toy toy." What stinks is all they have to say is "Keywah gave me toy" And since me and my companion are the only white people in our area, all the kids know who to ask. They literally wait outside our gate till we come out and then just beg for toys. 

                                            Sharleen, the little girl, is a BEAR.  She's 4.

 Sharleen after she stole my tag.

There was a random tent set up in our area with a long line of people outside the tent. They all looked very nervous and anxious. I was confused so I went up and asked a few people what it was for, and they all ignored me. Then I got one guy to respond and he was like "Aids my brotha!" He then told me I needed to get checked and I said no I am sure I am clean! 

A normal site in Zimbabwe... sewage spilling everywhere.

So last week we had a baptism, and we were filling the font and it was only me and my companion in the church, and a random guy showed up. He kept following me around and telling me he was the prophet Joseph Smith. I asked him why he was at the church and he said cause he had a meeting to be president of Washington DC. I was thinking wow this man is crazy, then he started asking me if he could baptize himself, and I thought he was joking. I laughed and said no, then he said please it will only take 3 minutes. I said no again and walked away. He followed me into the room I was in and chilled for 5 minutes then got up and left the room. I heard some things going on in the baptism font, so I opened the door to find the man getting undressed, ready to get in the water. His shirt was already soaked, and I was amazed this man had actually tried to baptize himself. I said "Baba!! You cant do that! Please put your clothes back on!" He smiled and said okay then he got dressed again. I made him leave, which was hard, but I finally got him to leave! He was crazy!! 

Weird Caterpillar

This is the size of the frogs!

The kids love feeling muscles for some reason, They always feel mine and are amazed, which is embarrassing cause I have lost so much muscle! 

Me chilling.

Got to watch Rugby here!! A recent convert invited us to go so we went. And guess what, Larry Jr was there!! So I sat next to him! 

At the rugby match, I was chewing gum, and a kid was sitting next to me and put his hand up to ask for gum from me. I told him I only had the one piece in my mouth and he put his hand up again. So I was like what the heck and took it out of my mouth and put in his hand, and he smiled super big and started chewing it! 

We had 6 baptisms which has been very nice. The areas of Entumbane (N-toom-bon-E) and Matsobane (motch-O-bon-E) are progressing very rapidly, and the people here are very ready for the gospel. We are expecting 3 more baptisms this week as well. 

Last Monday, a week ago from today, Elder Ellis, a General Authority of the church came and visited Bulawayo (bull-uh-why-O). The spirit was so powerful, I enjoyed the meeting very much. Our president gave a talk on how no matter our situation, we can be happy. That we choose to be miserable, and we choose to be happy. That our attitude is a choice. That doesn't mean that things wont be very hard at times, and that we wont all struggle, but our attitude about the situation will change things so much. I loved that and am going to try my best to implement that into my life! 

Dripping wet from the rain.

 The last picture I sent of our water filter was after a month. Check this out...our water filter looks like clay after only a few weeks. And Bulawayo water is the cleanest in Zimbabwe!

That was the last two weeks, love you all!! 

Elder Cazier   

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