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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

He is In Africa!!!!

Email received this morning!

Dear Brother & Sister Cazier,
We would like to inform you that Elder Cazier has arrived safely in Harare, Zimbabwe. We will enjoy having him with us to share the gospel with the wonderful people of Zimbabwe.

We have attached a photo of Elder Cazier with President and Sister Mkhabela.

MTC District

Monday October 24 Cayden's District before flying out of SLC.
** I stumbled on this photo on facebook and was so excited to see Cayden standing in the front row! Happy Day! -Amy

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

My Visa Is In!!!!!

MY VISA CAME!!!! I went in to the travel office yesterday and they said it just barely came! So i got my travel plans!!! Unfortunatly, its looking like my companions visa isnt going to come! So he will be re-assigned to a different mission till it comes. Which scares the dookie out of me cause that means i have to fly alone. lol. Ill send a pic later of the flight plans, but ill just tell you guys now! So I leave mondaymorning at 8:30 from Salt lake to Atlanta, which is a 4 hour flight. After I arrive in Atlanta, I have a 3 hour layover so that means I have at least 3 hours to call home and talk to you guys! So excited!!!! After my layover, I fly strait from Atlanta to Johannesburg, a 16 hour flight 😶. When I arrive in Johannesburg, I have another 3 hour layover then I fly to Zimbabwe! Thats a 2 hour flight! So a total of 22 hours flying, and a weird timezone, all by myself! Yah im scared!! Im most scared about the airports and getting around, especially in South Africa. Im praying so hard my companions visa comes like today. Its been a crazy fast week, and time flying by. I Love all the emails and letters i get, it truly is a heartwarming feeling! Evrytime I check and have a letter or package or get super happy. A speaker came on sunday and his talk was unbeleivable. I cant remembr his name, it was something like Vai Sikemoto or something! He played in the NFL and is now a news anchor! He told us some truly touching stories, like how hes best friends with the CEO of the 76ers, and how the CEO got baptised and will soon be sealed to his wife and children!! Our branch president, Brother and Sister Adolphson, are like the cutest couple ever! yesterday they had a meeting with my branch, and They were talking about mairrage, and how important it is! They have been married for 47 years, and are so so so happy together, its so obvious! They said that the number one thing you can do, is NEVER talk bad about you wife/husband to anyone, no matter what. That all you do is talk up your companion and build them up, and that by doing so you will have the happiest marriage! It really stuck in my heart, and made me want to do that with my wife someday! They also said that true happiness comes from doing things together. Whether its with a companion, the Lord, or your husband/wife. They are super awesome and are so devoted to each other it makes you feel the love inside! I got to hurry and rotate the laundry, ill be back in a few min, email me questions you guys have ill respond ASAP. Love you guys! Elder Cazier

***According to John: Vai Sikahema. Played at BYU and Philadelphia and the Cardinals. One of the best kick returners ever. You will be fine in the airports. All airports are English speaking and plenty of time in between flights.

Elder Bednar, a Third Companion and 2 Zimbabwe Elders

Wow it felt like forever. I officially believe i have the worst P-Day in the MTC hahah. I had to wait a full week to send home and email, compared to other missionaries who had their P-Day like a day after they got here. I got a ton of questions, so i am gonna try to answer them all as best I can! I have been waiting all week to send this lol😂
So this week has been a super roller coaster. I had some good days, and some terrible. I'll explain why in a little! My companion is awesome, and we get along super well. His name is Chad Banks and hes from Ceder City Utah. We instantly clicked, and hes goofy and laughs all the time which is fun to be around! The coolest thing about it, is that his older brother served in Zimbabwe a few years ago so he knows up to date information and its wonderful! He brought a whole suitcase with nothing but medications lol. He said that his brother looks just like me, and lost 40 pounds. 40!!!! He said when his brother got home he looked like an Ethiopian. He said that his brother basically starved, because Mugabi (the president of Zimbabwe) was running for office again, so he cut out all food supply to make sure the Zimbabweias would re-elect him. Apparently there is another election in the next year there, so im curious what will happen when i am there. I was talking to a leader here, and he said that he was in Zimbabwe for a little while! He said that they had like a fair thing, and that no one was there and no one was buying anything cause they were so poor so he went down and bought something from every stand cause he felt bad! I that was a cool story! No word on my visa yet, Im assuming that I will just stay here for the 3 weeks then be sent out! 

So day by day has been pretty good. This past monday was my worst day so far. it was bad. So my lessons and connection with my companion were amazing. Everything was going great. Then one of the missionaries in my district had to go home, so the president called me and Elder Banks in and asked if we would have the left over companion in our companionship. We said sure, and became a tri-panionship. And boy, i did not get along AT ALL with the new companion. He has a completley different personality as me, and we disagree on everything. He wants to teach the complete opposite lessons as me every lesson, and thinks we need to teach the complete opposite way I think lesson should be taught. So Monday was terrible. There was no spirit, and we argued all day. I almost exploded a few times to give him a piece of my mind but I didnt which is good lol. I prayed about it, and things are going better now. Were still not 100%, but im trying my best and things are getting better😀

The MTC is funish! I have a super good district, we have some really awesome missionaries in it! Me and my companion are the only 2 missionaries in the Provo MTC going to Zimababwe which I thought was pretty sweet! In my district, there are 4 missionaries going to Ghana, 4 going to Orlando Florida and me and my companion going to Zim! The cafeteria is good, its all you can eat! I try to stay away from the unlimited icecream bars though cause I dont want to get super fat😂. I have had stomach aches every day but they are getting better as time goes on. The basketball here isn't that good at all! Its half court only, and 3 on 3. Im by far the best player lol. There is no winner stays, so after every game, you have to let the people who didnt play, play. Which totally goes against everything I stand for haha. Ive met some really cool missionaries here, who I have a lot in common with! When I got off the plane, I ran in to some other missionaries and we got our bags together which was awesome! The bus drive saw my first name, and said he named his son that, exact same spelling. He told me that 'Cayden' in scottish means "Call of a warrior" which I thought was awesome. 

I hope i dont miss anything, Im trying to answer as much as I can! I was assigned to be the zones Online coordinator. So i get to teach all the new missionaries how to email and use online stuff which is dope. Elder Bednar came yesterday and it was insanely spiritual. When he walked in the room the spirit immediatly changed. He gave a talk called "Character of Christ". They said it is only showed on MTC grounds, but i hope you can find it cause it may be the best talk ever. He talked to us yesterday about how to study general conference talks, and he told us his way of doing it. He said look for a doctrine, then an invitation to act, then a promised blessing. He said every talk ever had those three things in it. He also told us that general conference talks arnt assigned topics, and that the apostles never talk about what they are going to speak on, but somehow everyones talk always lines up. He said its cause heaven makes the assignments. 

Well I love all the emails I am getting! Keep sending emails, I love it so much!!! It makes me super happy. Email me if you have anymore questions, and ill try to answer them sometime today! Ill add my pictures in another email cause im scared that all this will randomly not send hahah. Love you guys 
Elder Cazier

Cousins at The MTC!

3 second cousins at the MTC together. Cayden Cazier (Amy and John's son), Mark Mathews (Bub and Sandy's son) and Sarah Haertling (Rachel and Chad's daughter) Gordon, Richard and Carolyn's Mathews grandkids.

My MTC Address

Oct 7

Hey Family :) This email is to tell you guys my mailing address so you can send me letters and packages! I'm not supposed to send anything but my address and to tell you that my P-Day is wednesday so I can respond to your emails then! I can't get into detail tell wednesday, but my companion is awesome and they are super strict about socks lol. Only solid black. I'll email back wedensday! I love your guy's emails!!!

My mailbox is 89

Arriving at The MTC: As Told By Cousin Sarah Haertling

           The following was sent to me by Sarah's Mom:
"On Tuesday I got an email from my mom saying that my cousin (Cayden Cazier) would be coming to the Provo MTC the next day because his visa wasn't here yet. I was going to be hosting the new missionaries on Wednesday for a short time and so i was excited that I might be able to see him. Well I found out that I was going to be hosting the missionaries arriving early in the morning, not the huge group of missionaries where hundreds at a time come in. I was pretty upset that I wasnt going to see Cayden. On Tuesday night in class we learned more about how Heavenly Father answers our prayers and can give us miracles in our life. So that night I prayed that I would be able to see Cayden the next morning while I hosted even though it was a very small chance because most of them arriving were international and I didn't even know where he would be. The next morning we arrived in the lobby and they gave us instruction on where to go and take each missionary. I heard all of the host's say that the first van was arriving. The door to the shuttle opened and the first missionary to walk our was Cayden! I couldn't believe it. My eyes immediately filled with tears and ran out to meet him. The man out there wouldn't let me hug him and usually sisters have to host sisters, but he let me be Cayden's host. I was so happy. I only got to be with him for about 10 minutes but I was so happy. I know that Heavenly Father answers our prayers and knows us each individually. Luckily Cayden and i had the same gym time today so we got to play basketball together and talk for an hour."

Day 1 "Mom and Dad I got Here Safe!"

Oct 5 Day 1

Hey mom, Ryanne, and dad! I made it to the MTC safe. I can only send one email, and all it can say is that I got here safe! I hope you guys have a great day, missing home a lot! I will send an email next Wednesday which is my P-day! excited to email next week! Love, Elder Cazier