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Monday, March 6, 2017

Sugar Cane, Monkeys and Nasty Spiders

What's up?! Sorry about last week, we hardly got to email cause it was transfer Monday so we had like no time to email at all. This week I should get much more time though! But Kadoma has electricity issues so the power just shuts off all the time, so emailing is tough. There are very few places to email and the internet is super slow and the power shuts off all the time so it will be a struggle for sure. It's just hard going from reliable nice computers to junkie internet and limited time. 

So Kadoma is much different then Bulawayo. Way, way different then my last area. I am serving in a small town, with 6 other Elders. The closest missionaries to us are 45 minutes away so we just have us 6. It's a really small town, and not much to do. It has 2 grocery stores and that is about it. The area I am serving in is the complete opposite of my last area. I serve in a surprisingly nice neighborhood, where the houses are really spread apart, but are nice houses, for Zimbabwe. I see white people on a daily basis now which is super weird. 

African Rainbow

My companion is Elder Mayett, and he's from Kenya. He's the shortest missionary in the mission, and has 12 weeks till he goes home. He is a good guy! He smiles a lot, and it a pretty cool guy, just super super quiet. Kadoma is a good place, I enjoy! It will be a hard transfer baptism wise, but I should still enjoy! 

My District-- The short one is my companion! 

This is a member who is gonna go on a mission soon so he is helping us out :)

Some fun things... I saw monkeys in my area! It was sweet and I took a picture. 

A Monkey in a Tree

I have still been having stomach issues pretty bad, and I mentioned them to another elder and he said that he had the same thing and had to get blood drawn, so looks like I am not going to the doctor at all haha. There's a gym in our area so I have been lifting every morning which has been super nice!! I finally was able to weigh myself and I weighed at 160 pounds. When I left home, I was 172, so Zimbabwe has taken off 12 pounds of me! Probably some muscle and fat, but 12 pounds! 

I put my shoe on, and felt something in my shoe but didn't think anything of it. I walked around for a little bit and got annoyed so I took my shoe off and dumped out a huge spider out of my shoe.... It's blood was all over my sock, it was nasty. Now I am scared to put on my shoes every day. 

So the town here is small and pretty unclean. But my area has a bunch of really nice houses and white people. Like, there are million dollar American houses in my area, it's crazy. You'll just see bush and then randomly a huge house. It's super different then my last area. And Bulawayo was super flat, here there are hills and things! So town in Bulawayo is nice, but my area was super foreign. Town here is poopy, but my area is super super nice. We have to walk out about an hour to get to the poor hut like houses, which is where I took the pics by those grass walls! 

Slugs like crazy. eewwww

Eating Sugar Cane with Mama. It is good.

We stay in a 4 man house. So it's pretty cool! The other two guys at my house are Elder Parco and Elder Barrus who is way into lifting. They are sweet guys and I am really enjoying. I love talking and laughing and things! They will be good friends for sure!

I feel really good about my study lately, like I have been really focusing on trying to be more humble, and not ever be unkind, but I am finding it so hard to have that change of heart. Like I am really trying and reading so many scriptures, but am just struggling to get over that hump. That it is just continual improvement. I guess lately I have just been wanting to immediately have a change of heart, and to be better right away. But it rarely works like that. 

I have given a few blessings while on my mission and each time the person has drastically improved. And in each scenario the person sick either had a parent or a husband who wasn't a member, and they were like, "Wow the blessing worked!" And I am like "Yes, the church is true and you now see it, why won't you get baptized?" But people have their free agency so that is their decision. 

We haven't been able to get money from the bank for a week now, I have been living off of 20 dollars! But its crazy, it doesn't effect me as much as it used to. Like I just kind of am used to it! The Lord no doubt sent me here for a reason. I think more so for my growth, rather then people I need to teach.     Elder Cazier

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