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Monday, May 1, 2017

The Cops are Corrupt

The week was solid, and went by pretty fast. It was a crazy week cause we had zone conference and interviews, but I enjoyed the week. It is always fun to see friends serving in different areas at zone conference. 

 Zone conference pics!

Emailing in the internet cafe.
(His companion Elder Condie sent this quote to his mom today"
"I just smashed a bug in my backspace button" - Elder Cazier)

Zimbabwe is actually getting coldish. In the mornings, it gets cold, but in the afternoon it warms up!

I ran into a basketball team, when I was leaving Harare! They invited me to play with them, and I said I couldn't cause I am a missionary! They told me anytime I want to play, I can! 

These walls are around all the houses with gates and locks. Makes it hard to teach the people.

This is a picture of the bus we take to get around Zimbabwe! 

Found some asphalt on the ground that looked like Africa! Pretty sweet! 

 I gave a talk in church, and I gave it on tithing. I felt like I should, cause no one here pays tithing cause they feel if they do, they wont be able to feed their family. So I shared about that, I was really nervous cause I had 5 minutes to prepare, but I was able to speak for 15 minutes. 

 Found a guy wearing a West Point hat. Crazy! 

 After zone conference, we were driving home from Gweru (it's a 2 hour drive), and the cops pulled us over. They said that we did something illegal, and demanded 20 dollars. We refused, and sat there for 20 minutes while one of the missionaries argued with the cop. The cop told us to drive to the other side of the road and park, so we got in the car and pulled over on the other side of the road. When we got out he said "yup, you just crossed the road illegally, now you for sure owe us 20 dollars." We like flipped out. The cops are so corrupt. so we sat there for another hour and the cop eventually got tired of us and let us go. 

 I made a really nice pizza thing, it was great!! 

 So after zone conference I want back to the doctor for a check up and to get more pills, and he said I needed to do a blood draw. I was sweating but I said okay and he took my blood. I almost passed out, so they laid me on a bed and I laid there for a few minutes until it passed. I got up and started walking around and felt super dizzy again so I laid down for another few minutes! I know it sounds dumb, but I am very proud that I was able to get my blood drawn!! (**I just have to mention here that Cayden has two major fears or phobias and he has had to face both of them this month. The first is shots/blood draws and the second is ticks. The Lord must know he can take it.-Amy) 

 I haven't sent a pic of me doing laundry yet cause I normally do it when I am in the shower!😂I just fill 3 buckets up, and soak my clothes in one with soap, then ring them out and rinse them in the other buckets! Sounds easy, but it takes soooooo long. 

 It was a fast week, and this next week should be promising! Elder Cazier

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