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Monday, May 8, 2017

Arresting Testimony Meeting

Another week gone! The weeks are cruisen' and I love it. A lot of stuff to talk about this week! 

 So there is this crazy guy who lives outside the grocery store, he sleeps there every night on the concrete, and then sits there all day. Well I felt bad for him, so I  bought him some food and tried to give it to him. I see him eating out of the trash every day, and eating moldy bread. So I bought him some food, and tried to give it to him, but he looked away in disgust and started spouting off in Shona. A person was walking by, and said " Yah don't buy him food, hes crazy. Weve been trying to feed him for years, but he refuses cause he thinks we poisoned the food." It just amazed me that he eats nasty food from the trash, yet he is so close to eating nice food people offer him but he refuses cause he thinks it is poisoned.

Out of all the Hot Wheels cars you sent I have 2 cars left! And the kids love anything you give them, so it's nice!  If you could send maybe some small dolls for girls that would be nice too! 

 Finally took pictures after handing out a Hot Wheels Car. This is Lawrence. 

This is Bingo Spice. He's a Branch missionary. He's preparing to go on a mission! 

A starving dog we found in the bushes. we see animals like this every day.

We did some service for a family, we helped plow their field. I got 10 blisters on my hands. I showed my hands to one of the Africans, and he said "If you get those, it means two things. One, you don't know how to grip a hoe, and two you are lazy. Only lazy people get blisters, cause they don't ever go work in the field." I had to explain that I'm a missionary and that I don't do much work in fields hahah. 

Pictures of my blisters!

 A weird cucumber, they have spikes on them!! 

 I officially can say that I can do a Rubics cube!! It took me two days to learn, but I can say now that I can solve a Rubics cube. My companion, Elder Condie taught me how to do it! And I would just practice when I was at the house when we get home and early in the morning!  I was pretty impressed with myself, cause I never thought in my life I would ever learn how to do one of those. I was pumped! 

Me celebrating cause I finally did the cube!!!!😊😊 I can do a rubics cube!!! I am soooooooo happy!!!! 

 Yah... I saw a person selling wigs. Had to try one on. I think I could rock long hair if it wasn't dyed and wasn't chick hair. 

 No Smorking. Typical Zimbabwean English 

 My companion Elder Condie has dubbed me, "The Cazmanian devil" 

 The radio stations here, are HORRIBLE. They play African songs which aren't bad, but they interrupt the song with their own sounds every 5-10 seconds. So your thinking "this is a good song," and then a random horn goes off, then the DJ says something 5 seconds later, then bells go off, it's just bad.
Playing cricket with Nissi (neese) and Keith! Elder Condie hit the ball into thick bushes and we could never find it, so we bought them a new ball!

 A random water pit.

Moosh. Hahah I have no idea what that means.

  Last thing this week. There is this man in our ward named Norman. And he NEVER stops talking. We all know those people who will never stop talking, he's one of them. Well, he bore a 15 minute testimony on always doing the right thing, then 10 minutes later the police showed up and arrested him. It was super ironic. I'm not sure what he did the night before, but if was kinda funny! 

Our area is getting better.  We found 8 new investigators this week and 4 of them showed up to church! They will be baptized next week. I love seeing people grow in the gospel. Hope everyone has an awesome week! I cant wait to skype on Sunday!!! Elder Cazier

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  1. Love to read about your experiences in Africa. Those blisters look sore! Keep up the good work.
    Sister Sweeney