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Monday, April 24, 2017

Banana Trees, Maize and Peanuts

What a crazy week! Not too crazy, just a little! The week started out normal, walking the streets of Africa in a tri-panionship. Then Thursday night I got a call from the zone leaders that I was getting a new companion, Elder Condie! So Friday afternoon he arrived on a bus and I got my new companion! He's been on mission 2 transfers, is from Utah (of course) and is 6'6". So that means going back to my old area, working town and cotton research and pixie khombie. I was a little sad to lose Rimuka as an area, but it's okay! I have had now 6 companions in 6 months haha!! Elder Richardson and Elder Parco are still companions and all four of us are in the same house.

Our tri-panionship: Richardson, Cazier and Parco

Elder Richardson is just awesome.

My new companion Elder Condie


It's pouring today, actually cold!! 

A pic of our gym we work out at! 

 Had to take some pics so people can see how bad the roads are in Zim!! 

 One of the hardest things to get used to, is that people here just drink and drive. It's just something you have to face! Our khombie drivers, or taxis as we would say, often are either super drunk, or have an open bottle of Chibuku (an insanely cheep beer that is just fermented sadza). The drinking here is immense, since Chibuku is so cheep. Men will go drink all day, cause it's a dollar for a 2 liter. We face drunks each and every day, and one time one wanted to fight us so messing around, I pointed to my companion and said "fight him." The super drunk guy started trying to high kick my companion. Realizing the dude was serious we quickly left! He tried to follow us but was so drunk he couldn't even walk straight.

Playing Soccer in the Mud in Zimbabwe!

 That's the food I have, and live off of other then the vegetables and milk in the fridge. You can tell its mine cause it is so organized. 

 Some funny selfies. 

Apic of a typical poster in Zimbabwe. We see posters like this everywhere. And people believe them. "Bring your sick and they will all be healed!!" And people believe them and go get devils cast out.

 Ladies breastfeeding in church is also an issue. I wasn't prepared for that when I came, and I know I mentioned it in an earlier email, but it's just so hard to get used to! I come to church to worship the Lord, not see ladies feeding their child, and when the child finishes, they just sit their exposing themselves, waiting to see if the child wants more. I'll just say it's very hard to teach a lesson, when 4 ladies in your class are doing that haha. 

 Some little baby playing in really nasty water. 

 I would like to share something I learned this week! I learned that we cant judge people off one or two flaws. That we need to look past the flaw and see the good in people. Generally, we always look at the one flaw or bad thing in a person, and that is all we focus on. And that isn't right! There was a person in my ward that I judged cause of one thing he kept doing. And it would fester inside of me, to where I started to not like the guy. Then yesterday at church, the branch kind of turned on us missionaries, and the man defended us heavily. He was the only one defending us and gave everyone fire! I quickly realized, that we shouldn't judge people on one flaw, but should always see the good in people! Just like we want people to look past our flaws, we should look past others. 

Some random guy asked for pics with us.

Me next to a banana tree! 

 Service! We helped make chabaki, which is just shucking the maize off its husk or whatever you say. Chibaki (chi-bah-gee) is just another word for maize off the cob! Our thumbs were so raw, Elder Parco got blisters hahaha. When we arrived, the family had been doing it for 6 hours already.

 All the chibaki we had to do!! My fingers are sooooo sore!! 

 After making chibaki for a long time, we went to another house and helped pluck ground nuts!(peanuts)

My popped blister from my burn last week! It's like a hole in my finger, but is getting better! 

 Thank you to everyone who reads my letters every week. I try to keep them interesting, so everyone will know whats it's like here in Zimbabwe! Like even in the Book of Mormon and Bible it isn't just all doctrine and commandments. It has wars and good stuff! 

 Wednesday we have interviews with President, then Thursday we have zone conference, then Saturday we have a branch activity that will take up all day! So it's pretty cool, I like busy weeks!! It will be a fun week😊

Have an awesome week! Elder Cazier

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