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Monday, March 13, 2017

The Work in Kadoma is Slow and Hard.

Week 2 is over, here comes week 3! Week 3 should be a good week, we have zone conference on Tuesday and interviews with president on Friday so it should be a pretty good week!

These past two weeks have been tough. We have knocked so many doors and are having no success. Our area is definitely one of the richer areas, so people don't like to listen very much, or already have their own faith. Also, every house has a huge wall with a large gate around it, so we don't knock doors, we knock gates, and no one comes out to answer. In my last area, I was rejected 3 times. Here, I have been rejected at every house for 2 weeks straight!!! It's frustrating, but part of the work! I just am waiting for that one family that will invite us in and accept our message. And I have been chased by dogs a few times and have gotten growled at viciously as well. ha ha

Monday night grocery shopping (And some super blurry selfies)

My companion is great, we are getting along well and are laughing and having a good time! 

There are a few problems I have found people have with our church here in Zimbabwe. One, at least in my area, the church building is so far away that people don't want to go. Two, we don't sing and dance at our church. Everyone here sings and dances so crazy at church, that when they go to ours, they don't like the reverence. Three, our church is only 3 hours and only meets on Sunday. People freak out when they hear that we only have one meeting a week and that it is only 3 hours. They can't get how the true church only meets once a week for 3 hours. Most other churches meet almost every day of the week for 3-7 hours, it's crazy!! And they spend the whole time having their pastor screaming into a microphone, casting out devils, or them dancing and singing. There's even a church here called the 'Celebration Church' where they just throw a party every Sunday, and people believe that is feeling the spirit!

The cows of Zim. Walking in the middle of nowhere, and saw this massive cow.
 It scared me, cause I thought it was gonna charge me.

About this cupcake picture from last week...there are cupcakes and cake at a bakery near us. They suck though, like they aren't very good at all. No cake I have had here tastes like the good ones we make back home. It's all kind of bland and the frosting is horrible! We did this for a birthday pic for the elder next to me. And yes these are the four I live with! It's sweet staying in a house with other missionaries. The only problem is food! Everyone just eats the food you buy. I spent $70 on groceries and it was all gone in like three days. I was like what??? haha 

Nowhere in my new area are there kids, I miss them so much!!
At church... my new favorite Junior.

2 Fun facts.... People here cut ques (lines) like nobodies business. They just barge their way through people and stick their money in the person at the cash registers face. An instance happened this week where I was in line, with an elderly lady behind me and I was busy ordering some food and a big man barged in and stuck his money out and said his order. I was fed up, so I turned to him and said "sorry, I was ordering. And this women behind me is next." He gave me a stink eye and looked away, but didn't move. I finished my order, then stepped in front of him and told the lady she can go next. She smiled and said thank you then went to order. Of course when I step out of the way and head back to my seat, I see the man step in front of the old lady and stick his money out. I was so frustrated. It's a daily occurrence here, and it ticks me off.

The roads in my area:

My shoes after a day of walking. One is cleaned the other is not.

Second, the doctors office here is weird. It's way different but better and worse. It's worse, cause of course, it's not as sanitary and I don't trust the doctors. But it's better because no one is there, so you can walk in, pay, and immediately see a doctor. It costs $20 to see a doctor, which people can't afford, so there was no one there. I just walked in, handed 20 dollars and I saw the doctor!

We built a swing in our yard and it is super nice! We also built a fire pit cause we can have fires! People here literally just burn things on the side of the road!! Like randomly. They just burn their trash if they have any! Next we are gonna try to build a hammock but that may not work out, we will see!

 A couple things, I taught my first white family! It was super scary, I haven't talked to a white person that wasn't a missionary in so long, it was really weird. I also went to the doctor for my stomach and they gave me some pills and want me to go back for a stomach scan at 12, which is in a few hours so I will let you know how it goes later today :) ***UPDATE*** I have a bladder stone. They are doing an X ray on Wednesday to see how big it is and to decide what to do. 

 A termite hill.

A typical house sign.

A random guy wearing an Everett Washington T-shirt.
(I had to ask him if I could take a pic.)

When we have been knocking doors for 4 hours and everyone is saying no, and my stomach is hurting it gets hard. The hot water at our house broke, so I take freezing cold showers and it stinks. haha But I am really trying to stay positive! It's helping so much, trying not to complain, but it just gets super hard sometimes.

The moon.

A baby mouse we found on the side of the road.

 Saw a cool quote from Joseph Smith. "I am thoroughly convinced that true happiness comes from families." I believe that for sure, cause being away from family on mission makes you realize how much you took them for granted! Have a good week! Elder Cazier

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  1. Elder Cazier! You are Awesome! I love reading about your mission and seeing the pictures. It's tough but you are doing great. You're in our prayers! Sister Sweeney