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Monday, April 3, 2017

We Got Robbed...

What a crazy week. I had plans to start from the beginning of the week and work my way to the end, but I have to start my way at the end and then go to the beginning.

So we woke up Sunday morning, and I walk into my study room and notice my companions stuff is all over. I was the first one up, and didn't think much of it, I thought maybe he was cleaning his stuff up. So then the other elders wake up, and Elder Parco approaches me and asks me if I had been messing with his stuff. I said no, confused, so we walked into their study room, and their stuff was all over the place too. We quickly realize that someone had broke in and stolen all our money and things... while we were sleeping.

They had came in during the night, and had taken our cash, cameras, USB's, and wallets. In total, we had $1,300 dollars stolen from us in cash, plus cameras and other things. It was devastating. They had came through a window and walked past our bedrooms (with our bedroom doors wide open), searched our drawers and taken things of value. My companion stores his suitcases in the study room, so they had searched all that and taken all the things of value. We thought they stole all our bags too, but we found our bags tossed outside with all the things dumped out, and the cash stolen. But they did steal my companions bag.

The worst part, was not that our money was stolen, but that there were people in our house while we were sleeping. They had the guts to come inside, search all our drawers, and take our bags, walking past our rooms as they leave. The theft was too well done, to where they knew where to look for the cash, and where to go in the house. That's what's so creepy about the whole situation, is they probably have been in our house before, waiting till we got home cause they knew we would leave our bags with cash there for them to take. Sleeping last night was really hard, and all us elders are just spooked now, and feel uneasy at the house! I woke up so many times scared someone was in my room with me.

The weirdest thing about the whole scenario, is that they didn't take my camera, which was sitting on my desk. But they stole the other elders. And they didn't take my nice card reader either, but pushed it aside to grab my hidden cash. It is just so creepy to know that someone (or multiple people) were confident and comfortable enough to go into our house while 4 almost adult males are there, and search our stuff and leave. We are all pretty nervous around the house now, the office is gonna figure out what to do. I am just happy though that the Lord kept us elders asleep, cause if we would have woken up, there would have been a brawl!

So besides that, the week was pretty solid! I went to Harare on Wednesday for my doctors appointment, and stayed their till Saturday! It went well. The doctor thinks I am just adjusting to the life here still, so he gave me 4 different pills I have to take and said he wants to meet with me in a month to see if I am improving! I know it will all be good, so I am happy :)

The doctors office and the streets in Harare.

I saw a man get beat in the streets. Saturday night before we returned home, we went to go get groceries and I saw all these men running after this guy, and they all just started beating him, with their fists and poles and things. It was so crazy to see. It was about 40 men on 1 man. I asked someone what was going on and the guy said that they are beating a man who tried to steal. I felt almost bad inside, cause of how they were beating him, probably almost to death. Then of course, that night, dudes broke into our house and stole all our stuff!! So I then wanted those guys to get caught and beat!! Hahaha

Some dude was listening to the Mama Mia sound track. I told him my mom listens to it, and i dont think he liked that comment lol My washing thing works really well, thank you!! I haven't forgot about taking pics of me washing, It works really well though, the other elders take it to use often too! It saves me a lot of bending over and cleans the clothes a lot better!

Playing games with the kids in Primary.

I told the kids to make kissy faces, so they just started going mmmmmmm. Haha

Zimbabwe problems, trying to fix the water for a baptism!

The kids were swarming the tower like zombies. I had to tell them to get down! 

The view from the top of the water towers.

Picture of the town of Kadoma.

We got a taxi ride home from a guy, and he asked me if I was from America, and I said that I was. He turned to me, with a very serious look in his eye, and said "take me there with you." I laughed and  I said "Well if you can pay for the plain ticket, get your passport, and get a visa to stay there, I'll let you fly with me back home!" He looked me dead in the eye and says "I will sell this car right now. I'm not kidding, I am going to sell my car and get the money." I was like whoa this guy is really serious, so I said "uhhhh, okay!" Then shut the door and walked away. I've learned, you can't joke with people with that stuff, cause they take you serious. So that was my week! I hope the burglary thing gets figured out, but other then that, things are all good! I'm officially 6 months on mission, wahoo!!! It's flying!!  Elder Cazier 

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