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Monday, January 9, 2017

Life is So Good--Kids Want to Move in with Me!

What an up and down week!! This week was super up and down, but had it's sweet moments. I'll try my best to explain it! So the week started out rough, cause there was no money in the banks, and all the missionaries had no money to buy food. So we had to spend a lot of our Tuesday trying to get money out. And bond notes are such a problem, they don't hardly give U.S. cash anymore, it's all bond notes. And the biggest size is $2. So if you withdraw $70, you are getting 35 bond notes. Talk about a full wallet!

 My companion and I worked the area really hard on Wednesday, then on Thursday I got sick. Not too bad, just non-stop runny nose and a really scratchy throat and cough. I couldn't go in the area that much Thursday just cause I didn't feel good, and Friday was mostly the same. All the children asked if I smoked cause my voice was raspy lol.

Then Saturday came around, and man what a rough day!! We were supposed to have 3 baptisms, and all fell through 2 hours before the baptism. One girl was "sick", the others mom freaked out and wouldn't let her be baptized, and the gogo (old person) said she knew the church was true, and even studies from the Book of Mormon every day, but said she didn't want to leave her other church. Dang it was rough!!

To make things better, I will add some funny moments/facts this week!

This kid was yelling at his friend and was mad at him and said "I am gonna get you for what you did!!!" So I yelled at the kid, "No, I'm gonna get you!" He turned around and said "What did I did?" I could't stop laughing for hours.

Everyone here thinks WWE is real. Don't ask me why, I don't know. I have already broke many 20 year old hearts by telling them it is all acting. 

 I was called Jesus this week and my companion Moses. 

There are these kids who keep asking to come live at my house. I explain to them that we only have 2 beds. They say they can sleep on the floor. I tell them that our floor is very dirty and bad. They say they don't care, they just want to live with us. It's to a point now where we have to out run them so they don't figure out where we live. Even when we tell them to stop following us, they don't listen. So we have to out run them.

That's pretty much it! Hope everyone has a wonderful week!! Elder Cazier

*** We received a package from Cayden this week with gifts for the whole family hand made by members from his ward in Entumbane! They are beautiful and the craftsmanship is incredible.

Cayden said it took the sister in his ward over a week to make this bowl.

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  1. Looks like he is having an awesome mission! Missions have so many highs and lows but their love of the people is so worth the experiences ❤️