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Monday, January 23, 2017

House For Rent, Toy Guns and a Quarantine!

What a week! There wasn't too much that went on, but some cool stuff!

We are expecting baptisms this Saturday and I am very excited! 
This is Gugulani. He is the investigator being baptized this Saturday! 

So this week we got a text from the Zone leaders, saying there was a quarantine, and that all missionaries are not allowed to eat any vegetables. Apparently there was an outbreak of something in Harare, typhoid I think, and so the office instructed us that no missionaries can eat vegetables. So it was a vegetable free week, which sucks, but we can't have vegetables until further notice! We will see what happens! But it's funny, cause I never thought I would say this, but I am basically a vegetarian here. The only time I eat meat is at members, which often they don't even give us! I eat sahdza every day!! It's quite good, and I like it with vegetables in it, but now we can't eat vegetables so I don't know what I will do!

I have found foods I like! I make really good eggs and all that stuff. I am getting known for my cooking, cause I cook "good" stuff a lot and the elders love it! I made pancakes today!

There was a baptism at our chapel, for some other missionaries, and so my companion and I had to fill the font and get it ready. Of course, there was no water. The only water was from a faucet outside, so with no hose and only a large trash bin, my companion and I spent two hours filling up the bin, carrying it into the font, and pouring it in. I am SORE today. I had instant calluses on my hands, and am now having bad back pain. But it's okay, cause the baba (father) was able to be baptized!

I am still getting bit by mosquitoes so dang bad, but its okay! They aren't blowing up like they used too! But they still itch like crazy!

It was actually legit "cold" in Bulawayo for 2 days. Cold enough to where everyone was in jerseys (sweatshirts). But after 2 days it was back to super hot lol.

The lesson at the police station was postponed because the head officer had an important call, so he had to leave, but this week we are going and scheduling another time to go! Not sure when, but we will for sure do it!

Sewage spilling out of the pipe. This is everywhere in our area. 

So there are no guns in Zimbabwe, cause they are so illegal, 
but all the kids toys look exactly like real guns. It's kind of scary. 

A 70 is coming to talk to us missionaries, so I can't email next Monday, but will I on Tuesday. Tuesday is our p-day next week! So we will see how things go as time moves on, bond notes are still an issue, but I am coping more and more. The mission is going so fast, it's crazy. I don't want to jinx it but I look back and I'm like WOW.  The Lord can help us through any trial we are going through, as long as we have faith.

Elder Cazier

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