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Monday, December 12, 2016

Things are Getting Better!

**Cayden couln't send pics this week but I found some on the Zimbabwe Mission facebook page with him in it!

Another week has gone by! This week has been one of the best weeks of my mission. My new companion is awesome, and things are going a lot better! Some days are still rough but that is just how a mission is so I am working through it!  My companion is half Mexican! He's a cool guy and pretty chill!  My week was good, it went by fast! I learned some new indabele words!  Things here are getting better!

Cayden and his new companion photo bombing in the  center.

We are at another computer lab this week cause the other one is down, so I can't send pics this week ugh.  I got my Christmas packages and haven't opened them yet, I was gonna wait till Christmas but I will probably will open them tonight!

You know you are serving in a third world country when people/teenagers, ask you what Netflix is haha. I had to explain to some members and they couldn't quite grasp the concept of Netflix. Another thing I learned, is people kept saying, "over by the robots" I never could figure out what people meant by robots until today when I realized they call traffic lights, robots. Lol.

This week was nice, we had a Christmas devotional in Gueru 2 hours away from Entumbane, where I serve. It was a devotional with 3 zones!! I loved it, it was awesome! Meeting all the missionaries is super cool, it is guys like that that keep me out serving! We spent the day there and had "good" food and talked and had a white elephant gift exchange. There are some sweet American missionaries in Zimbabwe, and I always love talking to them.

We think we see Cayden in the WAYYYYY back... 
at least we think we see his forehead, eyes and nose.

My indabele is getting 'better' you could say haha. The clicks are SO hard to learn. I try to click and I think it sounds right but the members laugh and say noooooo don't say it like that, that's wrong. Click like this hahah. It's fun though! And during church people here do say "amen" a lot. No one knows how to play hymns so it is just acapella and it sounds really bad haha.

One fun fact about Zim. People here will do ANYTHING for money. Everything here is bargaining. Just bargain with people and you get things for cheap. If you start to walk away and tell them you are going to spend the money elsewhere they panic and just take your money haha!

We are having lots of success. There are 7 baptisms this Saturday, hopefully, if everything works out.

Man the trinkets here are soooo cool. Found an AWESOME one for 15 bucks, but it was so big I couldn't get myself to buy it. And sending it home would be about $50 so I passed. And I don't want to carry it around in my suitcase for 22 more months.

I am still getting bit by mosquitoes but the bites aren't as itchy! The food is getting better and easier to eat, somethings are still hard though! Some members are making corn mixed with watermelon and sugar... I am not sure how that will go, but I will try it! I had cow butt hole this week haha... I just tried to eat around it lol. There were so many tubes and stuff it was gross.

I got a haircut.... it is so bad😂 Luckily you can't see how bad it is in pics. Other missionaries said I only have to get bad haircuts for 2 more years!

Tuesday was hard just because I was with a brand new companion, and I felt awkward! You have no idea who you are sleeping next to, like I literally met him and then we went to bed! So it's all part of getting used to each other! Things are good now! But Tuesday was soooo hot and there were no clouds in the sky. And I walked a ton cause I had to show two new missionaries a huge area, and show my companion all my area. And I ate some nasty oily meat...

December is already almost half way over! I'll be skyping in 13 days!!! I'm feeling over all, pretty good about things. I'm working hard, 2 years seems like forever sometimes but I take it a day at a time. Out of all, I'm having a 7/10 time! The homesickness is hard but Mondays always make it sooooo much better!

Elder Cazier

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