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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

I'm Getting a New Companion

What a crazy week!! The best week of my mission so far. I have so much to tell, so I will try to say as much as possible!! To start off, my companion is getting transferred. My new companion is Elder Gujardo, from Texas, so I am super pumped!! I haven't met him yet, but he's super chill and short but a quiet guy elders say, so me and him will get along really well!

So this day I have spent the day as a zone leader with Elder Baldwin, and it's been really fun! My companion will arrive at around 8 tonight. I went on exchanges on Wednesday with Elder Bollinger from Utah, man that day was fun!! That has been the best day on my mission so far, we have so much in common it was so nice just to talk.

 It's been incredibly hot here. I hear Christmas hymns every Sunday and I look outside and it's super hot, and it's just hard to get into the Christmas spirit! During the week we went to Bulowayo center, and I met "Santa." Some random white guy had dressed up as Santa and was walking around taking pics with kids! So he saw me, and us being the only two white guys anywhere near he walked over to me and started talking to me! After talking for a min, he stepped back, looked me over and asked where from the states I was from. Amazed that he knew I was from the states I said Washington state. About to tell him that Washington state is not Washington DC (no one here knows the difference), he responded "wow that's awesome! The capital is Olympia correct?" I was shocked, and told him I lived in Tri-Cities, which he said "That's pretty near to Spokane correct?" I was amazed that some man in Zim knew where Spokane Washington was. I was in shock. He then went on to say "Yah where you live is hot like a desert, not rainy like Seattle! A lot of people think Washington is all rainy but not where you live! You border Idaho and Oregon pretty close to you." Absolutely blown out of my mind I asked him how he knew all this. He smiled and said he's lived in Zim his whole life, but is a geography freak. That he loves the world and just studies the globe and it's climates. He said he can name all 50 states and their capitals, and almost all the cities.  So it was crazy but we had an awesome conversation!!

This little boy LOVES me. He follows me around church all day, and his mom said he talks about me all the time at home lol. If I could steal him or adopt him I would lol.

"The food is getting better, I had my best meal on Saturday!!! It's because it was catered by someone so I got to pick what I liked😂 It's super rare to eat catered food, so it was a huge blessing! This is a "salad" in Zimbabwe lol. Like no lettuce, just weird stuff that Dad and Ryanne would probably eat! When I ordered a salad with my food, I forgot I was in Zimbabwe and expected a salad, not... this.

But the food is coming along, still difficult but I am learning to eat stuff I hated back home! I try to eat the food I hate the most at the beginning  when I am most hungry! The only problem with that is some people think I like that the most so they give me more 😂 When we go shopping, I buy just juice, milk (which is not like ours), and corn flakes! But with my new companion I am hoping he will like the same stuff I do.

Forgot to mention that the lightning and thunder storms here are INSANE. The thunder is 10x louder then at home, almost to the point you have to cover your ears. The lightning is crazy, like insane. There is so much especially at this time! It's so cool to see, (Mom you would be in heaven.) The lightning is so abundant I could stand and take repeated pics with my camera and get a pic of lightning in about a min.

This next week will be interesting with my new companion, I'm excited to see how it goes!!
Elder Cazier

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