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Monday, December 19, 2016

Rainy Christmas Season

This week went by very fast, and man did the rains hit us!! It was hard to be effective this week cause when it rains Zimbabweans go inside and sleep! But we had 5 baptisms, which was really nice! They are awesome, powerful members.

 Getting drenched in the rain...

There were some "cool" experiences that happened that you only see in Africa lol. I ate ox tongue this week. It was.... alright I guess haha. It isn't too bad, just very gamy. The hardest part is thinking "this is cow tongue." But if you get over the thought and texture you can eat it just fine!

 We were visiting a member outside, and we heard the door open to the house, and this super drunk guy tripped out of the house and walked tipsy over to us. He was so drunk he could barely walk. He tried talking to us but couldn't even get any words out so he just kept walking. He had about 4 empty bottles in his arms, and had his 3 year old son carrying the rest behind him, following him. It was very hard to see a child so young carrying his fathers empty alcohol containers, that the boy has to grow up dealing with that. We see things like that all the time here in Zimbabwe, but you can't really every get used to them!

A fun yet hard thing about Zimbabwe, is the children. There are children EVERYWHERE. All over the streets, in houses, literally everywhere. We have had problems with children going into our yard and stealing mangos off our tree. And lessons, man, when we teach lessons they do all they can to distract us. One incident happened this week where during a lesson in the streets, a young boy came up to me and tried to grab my private area. I kept telling him no, but he wouldn't stop. He tried twice and then the third time he got me and pulled and I about died. I lost my temper for a split second and had to cool off for a few minutes. There were a few of those instances, like when a kid poured sour brown milk all over my pants and shoes haha.

I think back to memories and even how hard I had it here in Zimbabwe when I first got here, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. And how hard I had it here at the beginning, I am happy I have those memories now, cause that was almost two months ago, it's crazy!! Even hard times we can be grateful for!

The days tick by slowly, but oh so fast! At the end of this week, the transfer will be halfway over! It's crazy, time flies!!!   I am in a district of all sisters. The Cowdary park elders moved out, which made me sad, but I hang with them every p-day.  To celebrate Christmas in Zimbabwe they sing and dance and eat more expensive meals like cow intestine and things like that. We are invited to a dinner where that is what they are serving.

And about staying healthy... for some reason this week starting last Tuesday I have had a never ending appetite. Like even after a big meal, I am hungry. I can't stop eating. I've tried so hard to not eat, but my body and brain like make me. If I continue like this I will definitely put on weight. I don't know what to do, and what would cause this. It kinda scares me.  My companion thinks I have worms, cause he's been amazed at how hungry I am and how much I've been eating too. I'll ask President on Friday cause we have interviews with him!

And yes me and Elder Guajardo get along very well, He's super chill and super cool and I am so thankful for him.

I love the goldfish Ryanne sent me, those are super good, and also the beef jerky is very good as well! Cinnamon graham crackers sound really good, or chocolate. Candy is always good too! The mashed potatoes mom sent, things like that are amazing!!  So that's my week! I'm sure I forgot something. Elder Cazier

Larry Jr Strikes again! We were playing hide and seek! 


 Can you find the chameleon in the  pics? :) 

 Dear Branson, Not very many people have cars, and if they do, they are not good cars and the people drive very bad! I ride in a thing called a comvy, which is like a big van which packs about 18 people in it, super close! It is a little scary sometimes, but I just smile and it's all okay! Love you buddy
 - Cayden

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