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Monday, November 21, 2016

The Good. The Bad. And the Ugly.

Wow the week went by fast! It's an absolute downpour of rain right now here, which is super nice cause its been super hot all week. It was a pretty good week and I'll try to sum it up as best I can!

 THE GOOD: We had a lot of success with appointments this week! It's kind of hard not to feel guilty about it, but we are literally handed baptisms. We had 3 people alone this week randomly come up to us and say "hey can I be baptized?" So that's nice. It's super nice that there is rain now. It looks like a tropical storm outside. It was raining so hard that the streets were flooding, and I wanted to take a video on my camera but I didn't know if I should!

THE BAD: I have been very homesick this week! It's been a difficult week, but I am trying very hard to fight the homesickness! But I make it through each day which is good! Well because of the rain, all the bugs go inside our house. YUCK. I've never killed so many bugs in my life. It's really gross, but I have found that I am getting used to it as the weeks go on! Also, it's really hard to teach here. Like people don't understand. Almost all missions you have to work to get inside someone's home and to teach lessons. Not this mission. The problem is in this mission, EVERYONE lets you in and will let you teach them, even for an hour. So you can burn yourself out really fast teaching 8 hour long lessons a day. Some people may think that missionary work is so easy here cause no one rejects you (in a month being here I have been rejected 3 times) But it is not like that. The key is finding people who are serious about what we are teaching. People are serious, if they show up to church. If they don't, then you are usually wasting your time with them! So the culture here is way different, like people actually want to meet with you. It's not like the US where people avoid you. So missionary work is hard just cause you have to really plan your day and decide who is actually serious and who isn't.

THE UGLY: I mentioned earlier that because of the rain, there have been a ton of bugs in our house. Well when we got home last night, I went into the bathroom and there was a HUGE spider. Bigger than any of the ones in Washington. I saw that there were a bunch of eggs on its back, so I was like that's not good, I have to kill it before the eggs hatch. So I got a long pole and smashed it. And yes, it happened. It killed the big mamma, but yes, the egg sack exploded and millions of baby spiders went everywhere. It sucks. So all day today I've been finding baby spiders everywhere. Like they spread fast. I have killed so many crawling up my leg and on my shirt. I smash them all the time on the floor too. It is bad. Ha ha but I guess that's Africa for you!

What I pray for every day is that the sacrifice will benefit all those around me. Homesickness kills. It really does. Nothing is harder to conquer than the mind. Satan plays so many mind games on me it kills me. But I keep fighting and praying everyday. Everyone who has emailed me told me it takes 3 months or so to really get away from the worse of the homesickness! I heard the bad bad stuff goes away around 3 months, but comes back around 10-12 months, cause you realize you are only half way done! I am trying though, and praying so so so hard. I thought basketball was a mind game, this is a whole other level.

My District

My Zone Leader... he had to come help us with a situation. The missionaries from the other area forgot their phone in a comvy and we had to try to get it back! They were gonna make us pay money for it, but we wouldn't and a few of them were drunk lol. But after an hour of arguing we got our phone back free of charge and set up appointments to teach them. hahaha

You can see, that when a white man pulls out a camera, more and more kids show up. 
Look how each picture there are more and more kids

Not a "little" bug.

Selfies, and me making sahdsa for the first time at a members house!

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