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Monday, November 14, 2016

"I'm starting to like the food, some of it"

This week went by very fast! I am still trying my best, but it is so so so hard to adjust to the life here. Each day gets a little better! Well the water finally came back on lol. Took 5 days but it came back! But guess what happened when it came back on. Yes, a pipe broke at our house so we still couldn't get any water. yay. A day later though the people came and fixed it which was nice!

We played soccer today as a zone, and I realized how much I hate soccer haha. I enjoy the running around but it is pointless cause all the Africans want to do is play 1 on 1 games and try to break ankles and not pass the ball. Sounds like normal haha.

But it was a solid week and was very hot, but cool. The weather here is really wack. For example Thursday, we woke up and it was pouring outside. There wasn't a bit of blue in the sky. I went inside and did 2 hours of study and came back outside, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky, and it was so so so hot. Later that day I went in to a 45 minute lesson, and came back outside and clouds covered the sky and it poured for the rest of the day.

It just takes time to adjust, but I am starting to like the food, some of it lol. I hope everything is good back home. I am making this short cause I have so many emails to read I need to get to those!

Elder Cazier

** { } means they are not Cayden's words

{Before he left each Grandpa gave Cayden one of their personal ties for him to wear on his mission.}

{Tie from Grandpa Mathews...}

{Tie from Grandpa Cazier...}

{I believe this is his District...}

{I think this one is for Branson who wants pictures of 
all the animals... I think he was hoping for elephants
and lions LOL}

{Dead Scorpion}

Zimbabwe $1000 Bill

Filthy avocado..... So I thought. Actually it's an un-ripe mango. I thought they were avocados but a member told me they are mangos!  There are like millions of mango trees here. 
This one is at our house!

Millions of frogs at night.

{His t shirt has his district on it! Mpopoma District}

{A member in Zimbabwe (Vicky) is now friends with Ryanne
on Instagram.  She sent these pictures to Ryanne with 
the following:
Vicky: The missionaries are at my place. Made sadza for them lol.
They have fully adjusted to their new home!!"}

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