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Monday, November 7, 2016

No Water, 20 Questions and an Outback Walk!

Wow. Well a month has passed. I don't know if that went by fast or super slow lol. But I have around 22 1/2 months left!! This week was good, and not good. It was tough and very very very hot. And I wore a long sleeve dress shirt all week cause my mosquito bites are so bad i was embarrassed. All the Africans love pointing out that white people taste better then black people for some reason haha. Well to say how crazy this week has been, in summary ill just say that we have no water. lol. Since it's been so hot and there is no rain they shut off all the water for a few days. I have never been more thirsty in my life. People are walking miles to the nearest water source to get water. And its gross water too, very brown and green, but that is all they can get. Walking here today, we saw a crowd of people and they were standing in 6 foot deep holes in the middle of the weeds. They had dug these holes to get water way under the surface. It kind of made me feel very lucky that I don't have to do that to survive back home, that I can just turn on the water and let it run forever with no worries. So that has been a struggle! The electricity turns off randomly as well, which stinks but you learn to survive! We had 3 baptisms on Saturday, which was awesome to see! Had to get to the church 4 hours before the baptism because the water pressure is so low that's how long it takes to fill up the font to knee level. I feel like I am adjusting but things are still very hard! I have found that I want to go home most in the morning, right when I wake up. And if I can survive the first hour of the day, the rest of the day is great for the most part! Its been really hard because I wake up at 5 every day. Curse you dad for those early morning walks lol. But things are getting better! I miss you guys so much and home, but there is work to be done in Zim. As much as home sounds nice, I know that I must be here, cause the people need me. Love you guys. Elder Cazier

 1. Sydney. Are you able to shower? If not, how do you keep clean and how often are you able to bathe or shower?   I can shower when there is actually water, but the water pressure sucks. 

2. Branson. Have you seen any cool animals while you were there?   I see lizards everywhere, termites at night, and dogs as well. 

3. Dad. How often are you able to eat? Meaning are you getting three meals and can you maybe list what you eat during a typical day?  I don't eat very much, I have a bowl of cereal in the morning with nasty milk, not sure if it is even from cows. And all they have is corn flakes, no other cereal. I don't normally eat lunch, maybe a few ginger biscuits, which are like small cookie things, basically no calories. And for dinner we eat at a members house normally which is sahdsa and lettuce. Very hard to swallow down but i am starting to like it now! 

4. Dad. Do you sleep with a mosquito net? And do you have bug spray that you use?  I have ants and cockroaches everywhere in my house. I am now sleeping in a mosquito net cause if I don't I get eaten alive. its very hard to sleep with it though, imagine sleeping in a spider web and there you have it.

What i have to clean off my food before i eat lol

5. Syd. Do you have running water in your house? Including water in your toilet? Are you able to drink water anywhere?  I have running water but it is not there now haha. Water pressure is very weak. You will all be proud, i had 3 sodas. When you haven't had anything to drink in 2 days, and a member hands you a coke you kind of have to drink it. The carbonation destroys my throat but i drink it anyway! 

6. Syd. Are spiders the grossest bug you saying? Or abusing other crazy in sacks? There are spiders everywhere and they are huge. Imagine daddy long legs on roids.

7. Dad. Is the area you're in a city like Pasco? In the sense is it an urban area or a rural area? 

8. Sydney. Do the people there have domestic animals? Like cows are dogs or cats like we do?  People have dogs and cats, but nothing else. No livestock except chicken running in their yard. They call it road runner.

9. Branson. Are there tall buildings like skyscrapers and stuff?  I am not serving in the city, I am serving in 2 towns, mpopoma and i forgot the other one. I can see super tall buildings far away in the distance.

P-Day Outback Walk

This is how they fish here. Asked the guy if i could take a pic! Thought it was pretty sweet. 

This is a pic of an abandoned mine shaft! I was too scared to go inside, 
it was pitch black and tons of cobwebs.

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