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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

My Visa Is In!!!!!

MY VISA CAME!!!! I went in to the travel office yesterday and they said it just barely came! So i got my travel plans!!! Unfortunatly, its looking like my companions visa isnt going to come! So he will be re-assigned to a different mission till it comes. Which scares the dookie out of me cause that means i have to fly alone. lol. Ill send a pic later of the flight plans, but ill just tell you guys now! So I leave mondaymorning at 8:30 from Salt lake to Atlanta, which is a 4 hour flight. After I arrive in Atlanta, I have a 3 hour layover so that means I have at least 3 hours to call home and talk to you guys! So excited!!!! After my layover, I fly strait from Atlanta to Johannesburg, a 16 hour flight 😶. When I arrive in Johannesburg, I have another 3 hour layover then I fly to Zimbabwe! Thats a 2 hour flight! So a total of 22 hours flying, and a weird timezone, all by myself! Yah im scared!! Im most scared about the airports and getting around, especially in South Africa. Im praying so hard my companions visa comes like today. Its been a crazy fast week, and time flying by. I Love all the emails and letters i get, it truly is a heartwarming feeling! Evrytime I check and have a letter or package or get super happy. A speaker came on sunday and his talk was unbeleivable. I cant remembr his name, it was something like Vai Sikemoto or something! He played in the NFL and is now a news anchor! He told us some truly touching stories, like how hes best friends with the CEO of the 76ers, and how the CEO got baptised and will soon be sealed to his wife and children!! Our branch president, Brother and Sister Adolphson, are like the cutest couple ever! yesterday they had a meeting with my branch, and They were talking about mairrage, and how important it is! They have been married for 47 years, and are so so so happy together, its so obvious! They said that the number one thing you can do, is NEVER talk bad about you wife/husband to anyone, no matter what. That all you do is talk up your companion and build them up, and that by doing so you will have the happiest marriage! It really stuck in my heart, and made me want to do that with my wife someday! They also said that true happiness comes from doing things together. Whether its with a companion, the Lord, or your husband/wife. They are super awesome and are so devoted to each other it makes you feel the love inside! I got to hurry and rotate the laundry, ill be back in a few min, email me questions you guys have ill respond ASAP. Love you guys! Elder Cazier

***According to John: Vai Sikahema. Played at BYU and Philadelphia and the Cardinals. One of the best kick returners ever. You will be fine in the airports. All airports are English speaking and plenty of time in between flights.

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  1. Oh my gosh, it's so crazy seeing him in the MTC, with his tag on, studying, being a real missionary!!