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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Arriving at The MTC: As Told By Cousin Sarah Haertling

           The following was sent to me by Sarah's Mom:
"On Tuesday I got an email from my mom saying that my cousin (Cayden Cazier) would be coming to the Provo MTC the next day because his visa wasn't here yet. I was going to be hosting the new missionaries on Wednesday for a short time and so i was excited that I might be able to see him. Well I found out that I was going to be hosting the missionaries arriving early in the morning, not the huge group of missionaries where hundreds at a time come in. I was pretty upset that I wasnt going to see Cayden. On Tuesday night in class we learned more about how Heavenly Father answers our prayers and can give us miracles in our life. So that night I prayed that I would be able to see Cayden the next morning while I hosted even though it was a very small chance because most of them arriving were international and I didn't even know where he would be. The next morning we arrived in the lobby and they gave us instruction on where to go and take each missionary. I heard all of the host's say that the first van was arriving. The door to the shuttle opened and the first missionary to walk our was Cayden! I couldn't believe it. My eyes immediately filled with tears and ran out to meet him. The man out there wouldn't let me hug him and usually sisters have to host sisters, but he let me be Cayden's host. I was so happy. I only got to be with him for about 10 minutes but I was so happy. I know that Heavenly Father answers our prayers and knows us each individually. Luckily Cayden and i had the same gym time today so we got to play basketball together and talk for an hour."

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