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Monday, June 5, 2017

Candlelight Dinners and Beanies in "Winter"

What a week, officially hit 8 months on mission today and I feel as though it is flying by.

It was a very successful week. We had 7 baptisms on Sunday, and I accomplished one of my mission goals, to baptize a family! We have been teaching them for about a month, it was very nice to see them all get baptized!
Mama Shiela,  Baba (*See story below), their youngest son Roderick, their Grandson Bradley, their oldest daughter Tunia Tunia's son- Thabo (Tah-boh) and a girl down the street named Isabel.
The Baba (father) of the family we baptized is named Meeting. We asked why he was named that, and he said because when he was born, the family had a meeting for his birth, so they named him meeting. This is how they name their children in Zimbabwe. 

We were at the families house, the ones we just baptized, and the mama was holding a baby and the baby just started puffing (farting). Elder Condie and I just started busting up, and the mama goes "this baby is so naughty! Naughty naughty naughty!"

All the success we are having is from the area that we weren't baptizing from originally. It's pretty sweet. Proof that even "bad" areas just need someone to not think they are bad and they will baptize.

A mini Combi.

 Jefrey, one of our recent converts, has been reading the Book of Mormon. Well he got to the part that talks about the "whore of the earth" (1st Nephi 22). And he asks, "So is it talking about a b****?" in the most innocent way ever. People here swear like that but don't understand that they are swear words. Hahah So me and Elder Condie both laughed and explained to him what it was! 

Our recent convert, Jefrey! He loves us missionaries and says that he wants us to never leave hahaha. Says he prays that me and Condie will stay in Kadoma our whole mission.

Got my new tie, my bead Zimbabwe tie! 

Rimuka. The poorest place I have been. No kids wear underwear cause they can't afford it. 

 A child pooping in a bucket, cause that is all they have.

A typical house in Rimuka.

Had a dinner at a nice restaurant, it was super good! I got a steak for 7 bucks and potato mash (mashed potatoes). An older white guy owns it. 

 Wayne, the boy in pink, is wearing a girl's shirt cause that is all they have.

 We were going to see a family, and a random lady stopped us in the road. She begged and begged for us to go teach her. I kind of said we had to go see a family, and she kept saying please right now see me. So I finally gave in and said sure we will teach you. Well, while we were walking to her house, the lady opened up to me about all these problems in her life. My companion was about 20 feet behind me playing with children, and the lady just started going off about her life and problems. She said she had gone to many other churches and they all rejected her, so she prayed and found us. But she started telling me about her 2 children and how they were starving, and then went into some very very deep issues she was having in her life. I didn't know what to do, I haven't had anyone open up like this to me on mission before. So i just listened to her vent for 20 minutes. I felt very bad for her, she was going through tough things and I didn't know how to help. So I just told her to try her best to help her children, and to pray like crazy and have faith and it would work out! I'm not sure what will happen with her, but we will see!

(Lots of photos of this little one but they are just too cute not to share!)

Babies often ride on the backs of the women. 

A random bed by the side of the road.

The people wear beanies cause when it isn't burning outside, they think it is super cold and everyone wears thick coats and beanies. When the temperature drops a few degrees everyone freaks out. 

In Rimuka too, all the kids are sick, it's so poor, they all have runny noses and are coughing. I saw a kid who's eyes had puss coming out and were completely swollen shut and he was just playing normally. If a kid had that in America he would be taken to the hospital immediately.  

A HUGE roach.

   I am starting the 3rd book of Nephi, I am almost done with the Book of Mormon for the second time on my mission. It's really good and I love reading from it so much. Also started the books about Christ in the Bible; Matthew, Mark, Luke, John etc. I love reading about the Savior so much! Things with Elder Condie are good, we are making good progress. There will always be  frustrations on a mission, but you learn to improve and get better!

Last thing, is The Church shut down pouch, the mailing system, so now I can't send letters :(

Love you all, Elder Cazier

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